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SAT develops SR-10-based UAV concept

26 July 2017

Russia’s Modern Aviation Technologies (SAT - Sovremennye Aviatsionnye Teknologii) Design Bureau has developed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) concept based on its SR-10 jet trainer aircraft.

SAT's AR-10 UAV concept. (Nikolai Novichkov)SAT's AR-10 UAV concept. (Nikolai Novichkov)

Dubbed the AR-10 Argument, a SAT representative told Jane’s that the concept aircraft is intended to operate in combat air patrol and strike roles, and within an enemy’s air defences if necessary.

A number of design features separate the UAV from the manned SR-10, most notably the absence of the two-seater cockpit and a configuration that features a single dorsally-mounted air inlet instead of two belly-mounted inlets; the AR-10 also has a V-shaped tail while the SR-10 has a single-fin.

The current design for the AR-10 envisages two hard points for external stores – one under each wing – and given the SAT representative’s statement regarding the aircraft’s capabilities and mission sets, it is likely that a weapons mix would feature both air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface munitions, including anti-ship types.

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