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Guardion enters C-UAS fray

25 July 2017
Complete Guardion system including an early warning radar on the trailer, EW mast on the wheeled vehicle with integrated workstations in the cabin, and standalone tripod acoustic modules. Source: ESG

Kostas Tigkos

Capitalising on its successful first steps into the counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market, Rohde & Schwarz has teamed up with ESG and Diehl to expand and enhance the Ardronis suite into a new product line under the Guardion designation.

The new system includes a wide range of sensor, command-and-control (C2), and effector subsystems resulting in a modular, scalable architecture addressing a more complex threat envelope. Guardion leverages Rohde & Schwarz’s radio-monitoring and smart jamming solutions while also introducing an advanced C2 functionality based on ESG’s TARANIS products, along with other modern effectors from Diehl.

The baseline configuration for Guardion features a vehicular or static long-range surveillance radar to provide early-warning functionality. This is complemented by broadband scanning and monitoring modules to both detect/classify and locate/localise UAVs and their ground control station (GCS) elements because radio-frequency (RF) detection can be achieved early on, including before a UAV has been launched. Additional verification is provided by a suite of electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) cameras that offer a greater degree of certainty to Guardion operators and an acoustic array to enable analysis and localisation of the aircraft’s acoustic signature. All detection elements can be fitted onto non-specialist vehicles, with radar, CESM and EO/IR elements installed on the platform or set up in a static configuration on tripods or mobile masts. Alternatively, these same components can be established at a permanent site.

At the core of Guardion is the ESG TARANIS suite, a mature product with multiple deployments and field-proven capability for complex C2 functions such as secure and real-time transmission of situational awareness (SA) data.

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