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Pentagon budget 2018: House, Senate appropriators far apart on defence topline

21 July 2017

The Senate Appropriations Committee has allocated initial defence topline funding that is much lower than its House counterpart, with the Senate recommending USD595.2 billion versus the House’s USD658.1 billion.

For its preliminary budget draft, Senate appropriators will consider USD513.1 billion in Department of Defense (DoD) base discretionary defence funding and USD82.1 billion for supplemental overseas contingency operations (OCO) funding. This excludes military construction or national defence funding for the US Department of Energy (DoE).

Overall, the committee’s ‘funding guidance’ for specific appropriations panels includes USD1.07 trillion in base funding (USD551 billion for defence and USD518.5 billion for non-defence) and USD103.7 billion for OCO total, according to a summary released on 20 July.

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