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Infocom develops new armed UGV

21 July 2017
Laska undergoing firing trials. Source: Infocom

Kiev-based Infocom has revealed to Jane’s details of Laska, its new unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

Developed through a company-funded project, the system is designed to support tactical level operations on the battlefield.

Sergey Rumyantsev, project manager and UGV team lead at Infocom, told Jane’s that the development of Laska was driven by the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Laska is a 4x4 vehicle and is based on a commercial quad bike. It weighs 310 kg and in its current configuration is equipped with a remote weapon station (RWS) that can carry a weapons fit as per an operator’s requirements – one such configuration features a PKTM 7.62 mm machine gun that is provided with 200 rounds of ammunition. A weapon stabilisation system and automatic target tracking also feature, which enables the vehicle to search, detect, track and engage targets in an automatic mode. The turret is powered by its own batteries.

Infocom has also developed advanced driving controls that utilise a suite of optical and laser sensors to enable Laska to be operated over line-of-sight distances by either a programmable logic glove (Smart Glove), gestures, or voice commands.

Rumyantsev explained, “The Smart Glove is used as an alternative to modern joysticks such as [those] that are used for planes, but we can also add in that functionality. The glove operates in close proximity to its host vehicle with a radius of up to 100 m. Eight sensors are placed on the glove - including one on the thumb - which deliver remote control.”

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