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Paris Air Show 2017: Thales outlines counter-UAS system concept

23 June 2017

Thales presented a counter-unmanned aircraft system (UAS) concept at this year's Paris Air Show designed to counter hostile or unauthorised unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) penetrating airspace over borders, airports, and key infrastructure sites.

Michel Dechanet, product manager within the company's innovative solutions product line, noted that the Thales counter-UAS concept was focused in particular on the threat posed by Class 1 UAVs weighing less than 25 kg, including some micro and mini-UAVs that can weigh less than 2 kg and have a radar cross-section of less than 0.01 m 2 . Since they tend to fly slow, low, and among ground clutter, Dechanet said these can be a real challenge to detect.

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