CBRN Assessment

Pentagon budget 2018: DoD's discretionary funding boost focused on personnel

23 May 2017

President Donald Trump's fiscal year 2018 (FY 2018) discretionary US Department of Defense (DoD) budget request for USD639.1 billion represents about a 8.9% increase over FY 2017's USD586.7 billion appropriation and boosts 'readiness' funding by 9.2%.

The FY 2018 defence budget request includes USD574.5 billion for the Department of Defense's (DoD's) discretionary base budget and USD64.6 billion for the DoD's supplemental Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account, according to the Pentagon comptroller's budget overview, released on 23 May.

Other discretionary national defence funding includes about USD30.186 billion for the Department of Energy's (DoE's) defence-related activities plus other defence-related funds (the '054' budget), which contains USD13.9 billion for the DoE's semi-autonomous National Nuclear Security Administration.

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