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NCSIST develops 20 mm close-defence system

17 May 2017

Taiwan's National Chung - Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) has released details of its Short-Range Automated Defense Weapon System (SADWS).

Officials of the NCSIST declined to say whether the system is deployed by the country's military, but images released show SADWS installed forward of the bridge of a coastal patrol craft and installed in a static coastal-defence application as a beach-defence system.

SADWS consists of a control console, sensor package, remote-controlled mount (RCM), and associated power supply equipment.

Scale model of the SADWS remote-controlled turret, showing the ammunition boxes either side of the 20 mm cannon. (Christopher F Foss)Scale model of the SADWS remote-controlled turret, showing the ammunition boxes either side of the 20 mm cannon. (Christopher F Foss)

The control console includes a flat panel display and associated interfaces, including a joystick.

The stabilised sensor package is mounted on a gimbal, which itself is mounted on a plinth and positioned away from the RCM in order to provide maximum area coverage; it has automatic target tracking (ATT).

The sensor package features a colour high-definition (HD) camera, thermal imager, and laser rangefinder.

According to NCSIST, in addition to being used to control the cannon, the electro-optical package can be used as a standalone surveillance/reconnaissance system, with its feed distributed elsewhere.

The sensor package has an electrically powered traverse of 165° to the left and right of centre at a maximum rotation of 60°/s, and can elevate from -15° to 85° also at 60°/s.

SADWS is armed with two 20 mm cannon, which are mounted close together. Each is provided with 200 rounds of ready-use ammunition carried in external containers.

NCSIST is quoting an effective engagement range of up to 2,000 m, while the maximum range is 4,300 m.

The RCM weighs 1,000 kg and has the same elevation and traverse performance as the electro-optical package.

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