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KB Display develops eyewear-mounted system

17 May 2017

Belarus' KB Display has developed a helmet-mounted display system designed for future soldier packages.

The NSI-06.2 [Nashlemnaya Sistema Indikatsii - helmet-mounted indicating system] micro-display is integrated with the wearer's tactical protective glasses.

The micro-display system was developed as a component of prospective future soldier programmes for the militaries of Belarus and Russia.

Typically, the unit is mounted inside the lower left side of the glasses and displays graphical information and video in the wearer's field-of-view (FOV).

The NSI-06.2 features a full-colour 800x600 pixels organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and has an FOV of 28°. The distance of the eyepiece from the wearer's eye is approximately 15 mm.

The system uses an HDMI interface and has a 5 V power supply.

KB Display is proposing an advanced version of the NSI-06.2 that features an integrated magnetic compass.

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The NSI-06.2 is aimed at future soldier systems. (Miroslav Gyürösi)The NSI-06.2 is aimed at future soldier systems. (Miroslav Gyürösi)

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