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IMDEX 2017: Controp launches iSea-20HD EO/IR payload

16 May 2017

Israel's Controp Precision Technologies has expanded its iSea 20 series of compact electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) maritime payloads with the iSea-20HD system.

Announced at the IMDEX exhibition being held in Singapore from 16-18 May, the iSea-20HD payload joins the basic iSea-20 - which is essentially the marinised version of the company's SHAPO sensor turret with a cooled medium-wave infrared (MWIR) thermal imager and high-resolution daylight camera.

Controp's latest iSea-20HD EO/IR payload has been optimised for small boat applications. (Controp Precision Technologies)Controp's latest iSea-20HD EO/IR payload has been optimised for small boat applications. (Controp Precision Technologies)

Controp has replaced the standard daylight camera of the iSea-20 with a new 2 megapixel colour sensor that offers a full HD resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels, while providing wide and narrow fields of view (FoV) of 28 to 50° and 1.3 to 2.3° respectively.

However, the iSea-20HD retains the same 10.7 kg, three-gimbal gyro-stabilised turret module, with a footprint that is just 328 mm tall and 240 mm in diameter. This enables it to be readily employed in small boat applications - such as commando or interceptor boats - where space and payload capacity are particularly constrained.

Also unchanged is the thermal imager also remains unchanged, which employs a cooled third-generation infrared focal plane array (FPA) that operates in the 3 to 5 µm spectrum and offers a resolution of 640x512 pixels.

An optional eye-safe laser rangefinder with a maximum range of 10 km, as well as a laser pointer, can be included if required by the customer.

"The challenge for us [in developing the 20HD model] was to improve the daytime imaging performance over the existing systems with high-definition and a low light level capabilities without having to raise the costs for customers," Johnny Carni, Controp's vice-president for marketing in East Asia, told Jane's on 12 May.

"We are keeping the [same] high quality IR camera and not changing it to an HD IR camera since it's very expensive and does not contribute to the mission capabilities.

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    Type Naval Fire-Control System (FCS). Development In 2005, following a competitive procurement process, Kollmorgen Electro-Optical (acquired by L-3 Communications in February 2012 and now operating as L-3 KEO) was chosen to provide the US Navy (USN) with an EOSS as part of the CG-47