IDEF 2017: Turkish miniature munition detailed

11 May 2017

Turkey's Tübitak SAGE Defense Industries Research and Development Institute released details of the Bozok miniature laser-guided munition at the IDEF 2017 defence exhibition in Istanbul.

The Bozok miniature munition unveiled at IDEF 2017. (IHS Markit/James Bingham)The Bozok miniature munition unveiled at IDEF 2017. (IHS Markit/James Bingham)

Designed for use on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Bozok is a 16 kg laser-guided munition that is 800 mm long and 120 mm wide. Bozok uses tactical inertial guidance during its midcourse, switching to laser guidance using a semi-active laser seeker during its terminal phase; proximity sensors are used to detonate the munition's high-explosive (HE) warhead.

When launched from an altitude of 20,000 ft and reaching a velocity of Mach 0.15 (51 m/s), the munition has a maximum range of about 9 km. However, Bozok can operate up to an altitude of 25,000 ft, including at very low temperatures. Using an adjustable impact angle and explosion height allows the operator to improve the munition's targeting profile.

While initially intended to be used on UAVs, Tübitak Sage is also intending to certify the munition for use on rotary-wing platforms.

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