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IDEF 2017: Aselsan unveils new unmanned turret

09 May 2017

Turkey's Aselsan has unveiled a new unmanned turret at the IDEF'17 defence exhibition in Istanbul. Developed as a private venture, the company is marketing the turret, known as the Nefer, as an upgrade option for armoured fighting vehicles.

Nefer is a gyro-stabilised unmanned turret capable of being armed with either NATO- or Eastern-designed weapons. The primary armament consists of either a 25 mm or 30 mm cannon. Western designs such as the Orbital ATK Armament Systems 25 mm M242 or Oerlikon KBA cannon, or 30 mm MK 44 can be used, as well as Eastern designs such as the KBP Instrument Design Bureau 2A42. Additionally, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun is mounted to the left hand-side of the primary armament, this being either an FN MAG58, M240, or PKT. Some 200 rounds of 25 mm or 30 mm ammunition is carried, along with 300 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition.

The weapons' gyro-stabilisation enables the weapon to be fired while the platform vehicle is on the move, with the operator located below armour underneath the turret. Alternatively, Nefer can be operated remotely through the use of a detachable user interface. This comprises a single screen and two hand controls.

The turret uses automatic target tracking and ballistics calculations to improve hit probability, with a fire-control computer fusing this data with other sources, such as meteorological data from a turret roof-mounted sensor. A laser rangefinder is also located within the day/thermal sight mounting to the right-hand side of the turret's armament. A round counter is fitted, with a warning prompt given to the operator when ammunition is running low.

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The Nefer unmanned turret was shown at IDEF'17. (IHS Markit/James Bingham)The Nefer unmanned turret was shown at IDEF'17. (IHS Markit/James Bingham)

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