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Azerbaijan receives upgraded Buk systems equipped with Russian interceptors

02 May 2017

Azerbaijan continues to receive Russian-made surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) for its upgraded Buk-MB SAM systems, according to a representative of Belarussia's OKB TSP company, which is upgrading the 9K37 Buk (US Department of Defense designation/ NATO reporting name: SA-11'Gadfly') to Buk-MB standard for the Azerbaijani Armed Services.

A model of an upgraded Buk-MB air and missile defence system (N Novichkov)A model of an upgraded Buk-MB air and missile defence system (N Novichkov)

"The modernisation of the Buk SAM system to Buk-MB is under way," the source told Jane's. "However, Belarus is upgrading only the systems with the use of Russian-made components. The missiles are supplied to Azerbaijan by the Rosoboronexport company."

The source noted that Azerbaijan-operated upgraded Buk-MBs use the Russian-made 9M38M1 and 9M317 missiles, which both use a single-stage solid-propellant motor.

The 9M38M1 is often credited with a speed of at 800 m/s, a maximum range of 32 km, a maximum altitude of 20 km, and a single-shot kill probability (SSKP) of 0.71. The later improved 9M317 is credited with a speed of around 1,200 m/s, a range of 42 km, an altitude of 25 km, and an SSKP of 0.78.

OKB TSP is contracted to receive decommissioned Buk systems, overhaul them, and replace subsystems, components, and assemblies at its production facility in Minsk.

"The upgrade results in a virtually brand-new system featuring enhanced countermeasures resistance, improved tactical characteristics, advanced electronic componentry, and more efficient power supply. In addition, it uses the in-service Russian-made missiles," the OKB TP source said.

The upgraded Buk-MB SAM system comprises six 9A310MB self-propelled transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR) vehicles, each mounting four SAMs (a total of 24 missiles), and three 9A39MB transporter erector launcher (transloader) vehicles. The transloaders transport and reload the missiles for the 9A310MB TELAR, and have the capability to also act as a TEL. They transport eight missiles, of which four can be fired from the elevatable platform (for a total of 12 missiles) if required.

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