EDA seeks a lot of UGV technical work for a small amount of money

19 April 2017

The European Defence Agency (EDA) will soon pay for a small but significant research study in order to assess how unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) could deploy through non-military environments. The idea is to enable them to move in public spaces semi-autonomously in ways congruent with manned vehicles and human traffic.

With a value of just EUR280,000 (USD300,286) the one-year study will have to dig into a very wide range of technical, legal and safety issues. The winning bidder must come up with a comprehensive list of all the relevant software and hardware fail-safe aspects, including sensors, intelligence kit and back-up redundancies, for example, while identifying the hazards arising from critical situations such as malfunctions or unexpected human behaviour and also establish the ability to determine when to switch to safe mode in such situations.

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