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MBDA readies Enforcer for moving target, air-burst trials

21 March 2017
Final qualification and series production of the Enforcer 89 mm disposable shoulder-launched weapon is planned for 2018. Source: MBDA Deutschland

Key Points

  • First shoulder-launched firings of a qualified Enforcer system are scheduled for 2018
  • An optional anti-armour warhead is under consideration

MBDA Deutschland is preparing for a series of moving target and air-burst engagement trials with its KFK (Kleinflugkörper - small missile) Enforcer precision-guided weapon system later this year, ahead of planned final qualification and series production of the weapon in 2018.

Enforcer is an 89 mm calibre day/night, lightweight, disposable shoulder-launched stand-off capability designed to deliver precision effects against a broad target set that includes lightly armoured static and moving targets (moving at speeds of up to 50 km/h), simple infrastructure and targets behind cover, and low-collateral precision effects against targets at long range in urban environments.

Initially developed to address a prospective German Army Special Forces light precision weapon acquisition (currently planned for 2020-2021), and also for the dismounted infantry user, the Enforcer guided munition is intended to complement the Dynamit Nobel Defence RGW90 AD (designated 'Wirkmittel 90') suite of 90 mm unguided munitions currently in German Special Operations Forces (and later on in German Army) service.

Enforcer will increase the effective minimum precision engagement range available to the German Army dismounted infantry user to 2,000 m. In contrast the capability delivered by the Wirkmittel 90 is 600-1,200 m. MBDA Deutschland gives the minimum range for KFK Enforcer as 100 m (which is predicated on prospective German requirement) although the company says it is working on a 'stretch requirement' minimum range of 50 m.

The weapon system is also compatible with the Hensoldt (formerly Airbus Optronics, and previously Zeiss) Dynahawk clip-on 'Feuerleitvisier' (fire-control system) currently selected for use with the Wirkmittel 90 shoulder-launched recoilless weapon.

The Hensoldt system comprises an optical viewfinder with x 5.5 magnification, a laser rangefinder with an accuracy of ±1 m at maximum shooting distance, atmospheric sensors (pressure/air temperature, wind speed), and an electronic collimator that enables automatic engagement of static or moving targets.

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