Argentine MoD mulls potentially deep budget cuts

15 March 2017

An internal document prepared by the Argentine Ministry of Defense (MoD) offers a glimpse into a projected plan to freeze or cancel several programmes to help the country stabilise its rough economy.

The plan, if put in place, would contribute around USD355 million from real estate sales (mostly army properties) and cut another USD300 million in planned expenditures. To accomplish that, the Pucara engine replacement programme would be 'interrupted', international traveling would be reduced to a minimum, traveling expenses to personnel would be recalculated, and 1,800 personnel deployed under Operation 'Northern Shield' would return to bases.

Another planned USD27 million in savings would come from the suspension of the work to repair and upgrade of Dock number 2 of Naval Base Puerto Belgrano (where the bulk of the naval fleet is repaired and maintained), the VII Aerial Brigade would be shuttered, INVAP's manufacturing of new 3-D radars would be suspended, and an upgrade of ARA Santa Cruz (S 41) TR-1700-class submarine would be halted.

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