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Raytheon furthers EWPMT

06 March 2017

Raytheon is developing a set of capabilities for its Electronic Warfare Planning Management Tool (EWPMT) that will give electromagnetic spectrum managers (ESMs) the ability to plan how forces manoeuvre through the spectrum.

This is the first time electronic warfare officers (EWOs) and ESMs will be able to plan EW activities and the spectrum in one standard tool.

EWPMT is developed and implemented into multiple capability drops. In 2016 Code Drop (CD) 1 provided EWOs with the ability to plan, co-ordinate, manage, and de-conflict EW activities, Frank Pietryka, director, Raytheon Electronic Warfare Systems, told Jane's.

"CD2 extends the functionality to [ESMs] with the function of spectrum management planning - the ability to plan out how forces manoeuvre through the spectrum without impacting friendly forces' capabilities," he said.

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