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IDF adopts Green Rock C-RAM radar to support ground offensives

16 February 2017
The IDF's Green Rock radars are mounted on Humvees. Source: IAI

The ELM-2138M Green Rock mobile counter rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM) radar is fully operational with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Ground Forces, a military source confirmed to Jane's on 14 February.

Major Yair Prayev, who heads the Weapons Department in the IDF Artillery Corps, said Green Rock's main role is to accompany forces involved in ground offensives into enemy territory, provide warnings of incoming ballistic projectiles, identify their launch sites, and relay their co-ordinates to other units to enable rapid counter-battery fire.

"It's a locator, telling us where the threats will land, and from where they were launched," Maj Prayev said. "It enables us to decrease the length of the sensor-to-shooter cycle and it alerts the forces to incoming fire. For tactical forces, improving their ability to deal with rockets and mortars through a mobile solution has been a goal of ours."

Made by Israel Aerospace Industries' Elta division, Green Rock had previously been displayed on small off-road vehicles, but Maj Prayev said the IDF has mounted them on larger Humvees to "enable versatility and the ability to accompany offensives".

"The Hummer will travel to any point facing enemy fire. The radar will begin broadcasting data to relevant units, tracking incoming fire, and passing on figures to end-users based on their needs," he said, describing it as a significant improvement in the capabilities of field units.

Green Rock, which uses a phased-array pulse Doppler radar, can also detect slow-flying airborne targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles.

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