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Indonesia reconsiders further acquisition of BTR-4 APCs after early trials

28 December 2016

Key Points

  • Indonesia has concluded a series of initial training activities on the BTR-4 amphibious vehicle from Ukraine
  • Plans to acquire further vehicles is now being reviewed after encountering a number of teething issues

The Indonesian Marine Corps (Korps Marinir: KORMAR) has concluded initial training activities on its BTR-4 8x8 amphibious wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs), but is now reconsidering further acquisitions of the vehicle, a service official told IHS Jane's on 27 December.

The reconsideration follows KORMAR personnel reporting a number of issues with the platform during its initial training activities.

These included situations in which the APC is trimmed excessively by the bow when operated at full speed in the water.

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