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'Second-phase' engine for Sukhoi T-50 nears completion

07 September 2016

Development of the improved 'second-phase' engine for Russia's fifth-generation T-50 PAK FA fighter is nearing completion, according to TASS.

Komsomolsk-na-Amure Aviation Plant (KnAAZ) general director Alexander Pekarsh recently told the Russian news agency that the second-phase engine "is ready and working; testing is going according to plan".

The T-50 is Russia's most advanced fighter. Eight prototypes are conducting flight tests, while four are being assembled at KnAAZ. Prototypes have the 'first-phase' or 'Item 117S' (AL-41F1S) engine, which also powers the Su-35S fighter (KnAAZ assembles Sukhoi's T-50, Su-35S, and Su-30 fighters).

The developmental 'second-phase' engine is known as 'Item 30'. It reportedly features a reduced infrared signature, significantly increased thrust (up to 42,990 lb), supercruise, a 15-18% improvement in fuel efficiency, and lower life-cycle costs.

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