IDEX 2015

Asset guard [IDX15D4]

26 February 2015

Looking like an oversized jetski, the X3 is a quick solution to crossing over from manned to unmanned boats, says local firm Al Marakeb (UM-40). With an unrefuelled surveillance range of 50 nautical miles, the cross-over X3 is ideal for coastal defence, maritime interdiction and even assisting air-to-surface attack aircraft. Besides performing coastline surveillance, it can protect sea lanes and ports, and armed with precision weapons could deter threats to coastal assets.

According to Vadim Yurchuk, design and production officer at Al Marakeb, the X3 has an all-weather, day or night capability.

“With auto-throttle and multi-waypoint modes, besides many others, we succeeded in limiting pilot workload,” he explained. “In addition, the X3 has an automatic return-to-home feature as a fail-safe option.”

An advanced ground station provides the primary interface with sensors and added integrated third-party hardware such as sonars and weapons.

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