IDEX 2015

Off the beaten track [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

Military forces are often required to traverse difficult terrain, from desert sand to snow or marshland. The Danish armed forces have become the latest to acquire products from FAUN Trackway (Stand 05-D23) to help them do just that.

About 40 military forces around the world use FAUN Trackway’s Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS), the company’s own portable, temporary roadway system. The Danish order for the HGMS includes Trackrack and Spoolrack.

Developed about 40 years ago, the design of interlocking aluminium panels forms the basis of FAUN Trackway’s product portfolio of roadways and runways. Panels can be added, allowing potentially unlimited lengths of roadway or runway to be created. The HGMS can withstand repeated loads of tracked and wheeled vehicles up to 70 tonnes (MLC 70).

According to Chris Kendall, director at FAUN Trackway, the HGMS is designed for speed, allowing 50m of Trackway to be laid by two men in only six minutes. Trackrack is meant to launch, recover, transport and store the panels.

“Spoolrack is designed to store and transport additional lengths of Trackway,” said Kendall, “which can then be transferred for deployment through a spool-to-spool system.” With the Danish order, the company achieved a milestone in its 60-year history: its Anglesey site is now building the 100th Trackrack and 50th Spoolrack. A prime contractor to the UK MoD, FAUN Trackway also boasts aircraft landing mats and rapid runway repair kits.

In Canada, the hamlet of Kugluktuk has just ordered a boat ramp kit from FAUN Trackway USA, part of FAUN Zoeller UK. The boat ramp kit is specially designed for deployment and transportation and is constructed from MLC 70 Trackway panels. Once assembled, the MLC 70 panels are rolled out into water as a permanent solution, or they can be removed and used again in a different location.

Canada’s harsh winter conditions cause severe damage to ramps constructed from materials such as concrete, which require yearly repair or replacement. The boat ramp kit can be deployed to provide a stable ramp system during the spring and then removed before the winter ice forms.

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