IDEX 2015

Expanding the MASS effect [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

Rheinmetall Defence (German Pavilion, Stand 09-A10) is introducing new features to its best-selling MASS (Multi Ammunition Soft Kill System) shipborne decoy launcher system to broaden its all-round self-protection capability.

Originally designed to provide protection against anti-ship missiles and asymmetric threats employing radio frequency (RF) microwave, infrared (IR) and/or electro-optical (EO) seekers, MASS is a compact, reactive and fully automatic soft-kill launcher system deploying programmable multi-spectral Omni-Trap decoy rounds with radar, IR, laser, EO and ultraviolet payloads.

The system can be integrated into any command and control system, or operated in standalone mode. Presented at IDEX 2015, the latest version of MASS adds new functionality to afford additional protection against radar-guided missile threats and torpedoes. In the first instance, Rheinmetall has introduced the Saab SME+ electronic support measures system to provide threat warning in the millimetric waveband (mmW). Alongside this, the OmniTrap decoy now additionally includes a mmW payload. To further improve anti-ship missile defence capabilities, an Off-board Corner Reflector (OCR) decoy has been developed to provide an improved capability against the most modern anti-ship RF seekers. Rheinmetall has developed the OCR in co-operation with Airborne Systems, which already has significant experience in RF corner reflector decoys.

Finally, to address the torpedo threat, Rheinmetall has worked with DCNS in France to integrate the latter’s CANTO acoustic decoy into the MASS system. The CANTO rounds are fired from twin launch tubes affixed either side of the base of the MASS mounting.

The UAE Naval Forces have already chosen MASS to provide soft-kill protection for their fleet, having specified the system for their six Baynunah multi-mission corvettes, the Abu Dhabi corvette programme, and the two Falaj 2 strike craft. Other regional customers for MASS include Oman and Pakistan. In total, MASS is now in service with 14 navies, with 212 launchers installed on 28 different ship classes.

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