Poland to accelerate arms programmes

29 May 2014

Poland is to speed up many key defence procurement programmes, in response to the Ukraine crisis, Deputy Defence Minister Czeslaw Mroczek stated on 26 May.

Mroczek stated that "Poland has made some other minor amendment" to the long-standing Armed Forces 'Technical Modernisation Programme 2013-2022', worth PLN131.4 billion (USD43.1 billion).

"The main reason to make amendments was to increase the Polish Armed Forces' deterrent potential," Mroczek added.

"It includes the acquisition of JASSM [Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile AGM-158] for F-16 aircraft, long-range 'Homar' rocket systems, and speeding up the purchase the MALE-class [medium altitude long endurance] unmanned air vehicles [UAVs], a second NSM [naval strike missile] coastal defence battalion and attack helicopters," Mroczek explained.

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