Naval Weapons

Raytheon developing a five-inch navy projectile

29 January 2014

Raytheon is developing a scaled down version of its Excalibur 1B 155 mm projectile to fill the US Navy's (USN's) requirement for a ship-fired five-inch projectile to provide naval surface fire support.

'Excalibur N5' will be 70% common with the Excalibur 1B to enable the navy to leverage a programme that the US Army has invested in, is currently in production, and is already mature, Paul Daniels, business development lead for Excalibur at Raytheon, told IHS Jane's on 29 January.

"In fact, the brains of this precision projectile, the guidance and navigation unit [GNU], is already sized for a five-inch form factor," he said.

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