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South Thai insurgency sees higher casualties in 2013, govt report says

02 January 2014

The escalation of the Malay-Muslim separatist insurgency in south Thailand led military casualties to more than double in 2013.

According to year-end statistics released by the Royal Thai Police (RTP) Southern Operations Centre, security forces fatalities totalled 129 in 2013 - up from 60 the year before. Of that total, military personnel - comprising Royal Thai Army (RTA) and Marine Corps troops, and paramilitary Rangers - accounted for 93 deaths, while the remaining 36 were RTP personnel.

In addition, 352 military personnel and 70 police were wounded.

Reported insurgent fatalities - a total of 51 in 2013 - also marked a sharp rise from 2012 when 28 militants died in clashes.

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