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NATO to scale-up military exercises post-2014

11 November 2013
Polish Army Leopard 2A4 tanks advance during the NATO 'Steadfast Jazz' military exercise at Bucierz, Poland, on 7 November 2013. More than 6,000 personnel took part in the exercise, the largest and first live-fire exercise the alliance has conducted for seven years. Source: NATO photo/SSgt Ian Houlding British Army

Key Points

  • NATO will increase the scale of its military exercises to maintain interoperability levels after the NATO combat mission in Afghanistan concludes
  • Allied officials again indicate that the Chinese HQ-9 SAM, which Turkey is looking to purchase, will not be allowed to integrate with NATO systems

NATO is planning to significantly step up its joint training activities as the alliance looks to maintain its high level of interoperability, gained from 12 years of fighting in Afghanistan.

"In Afghanistan we have learned how to work and operate together within the alliance, and we want to maintain and further develop that ability to work and operate together.

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