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Russian Navy to receive first Shtil SAM systems in 2014

06 November 2013

The Russian Navy will receive its first vertical-launch 3S90M1 Shtil (SA-N-7C 'Gollum') surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems in 2014, installed in the first of the six Admiral Grigorovich (Project 11365M)-class frigates currently under construction, according to Maksim Kuzyuk, the general director of the Aviation Equipment Holding Company.

All of the 3S90E1 12-launcher modules for this class of warship will be delivered by 2016. The launcher module is capable of firing missiles at two-second intervals.

The system was designed in co-operation with the Dolgoprudnyy-based Altair Scientific Industrial Enterprise, responsible for the 9M317M Buk medium-range SAM used in the vertical launcher, and the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Radio-Electronics.

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