Malaysian government announces proposed 2014 defence budget

28 October 2013

Key Points

  • Core defence budget increases 6%, funds available for "development" decrease.
  • Lower funding levels could indicate marked increase in 2015 for fighter procurement.

The Malaysian government has proposed a 2014 defence budget of MYR16.1 billion (USD5.1 billion), it was announced on 25 October.

A budgetary document published by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) shows that while the core defence budget has increased 6% over spending allocated in 2013, expenditure earmarked for military "development" has decreased.

The document shows that the 2014 budget has allocated MYR13.35 billion for "management", which includes recurrent expenditures such as operations and salaries, while MYR2.74 billion has been put aside for "development" costs such as research and development and procurement.

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