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Selex launches BriteCloud off-board active decoy

20 October 2013
Expanded images of Selex' new BriteCloud expendable Digital RF Memory jammer. Source: Selex ES

Finmeccanica's Selex ES subsidiary is planning to unveil a new generation of self-contained expendable Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) jammers for fast jet aircraft before the end of October.

The new system - known as BriteCloud - are designed to be ejected from the aircraft, providing an off-board RF decoy to counter fire-control radars and lure away active and semi-active missile threats.

Expanded images of Selex' new BriteCloud expendable Digital RF Memory jammer. (Selex ES)Expanded images of Selex' new BriteCloud expendable Digital RF Memory jammer. (Selex ES)

Each expendable jammer is packed with high-power batteries to react and respond to threats quickly, and then provide at least 10 seconds of life after the decoy is ejected. Their form factor enables them to be loaded into standard 55 mm chaff and flare dispensers, reducing crew training requirements and ensuring that they can be handled by first-line and maintenance personnel.

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