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Colombia selects AN/TPS-78 mobile radar for air defence network

24 September 2013

The Colombian Air Force has signed an order for four Northrop Grumman AN/TPS-78 solid state 3-D long-range radars, according to Colombian sources.

The new radars are to form part of the new National Air Defence System (SISDAN), which has been allocated COP460 billion (USD236.5 million) for 2012-13. SISDAN is to also include unmanned aerial systems, electronic warfare, anti-aircraft systems, and combat training simulators linked to a command-and-control network known as Andromeda.

IHS Jane's understands that the AN/TPS-78 has been selected over the Thales Ground Master G400. Up to eight new radars are required to replace a single ageing AN/TPS-43 and five AN/TPS-70 radars located at Leticia, San Andres, Rioacha, San Jose, Marandua, and Tres Esquinas.

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