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US Navy to upgrade AV-8B Harrier mission computers

23 September 2013

The US Navy (USN) will begin modifying AV-8B Harrier mission computers before the end of 2013 to provide additional computer memory and processing and enable future upgrades.

Under the current contract - awarded to General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems - all 133 AV-8B Harriers in the fleet will receive the upgrade.

"This upgrade will provide a second Open System Processor [OSP3] card with a Future Airborne Capabilities Environment [FACE] software environment in the AV-8B," Marcia Hart-Wise, US Navy Naval Air Systems Command spokeswoman, told IHS Jane's on 20 September.

"This will allow future capabilities to be added to the AV-8B mission computer via FACE software applications," she added.

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