Comprehensive MineWolf support for the British Army

11 July 2013

In line with the companys increased focus on service provision, in February this year MineWolf Systems signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence to provide integrated service support for the British Armys ten Mini MineWolf platforms (MW240) until December 2013 with an option to extend until December 2014. The contract includes a range of areas where MineWolf Systems will support the deployment and through life cycle of the platforms.

The services being provided include the provision of the MineWolf Programme Manager as a dedicated point of contact to the MOD and his attendance at regular MOD meetings on safety, project management, logistic and training support. It also includes the provision of specialist engineering advice, bespoke design and development work by the Engineering department and the management and control of all post-design work for the equipment, training aids and software.

Under the contract the company will also maintain a risk register of task and system risks to report back to the customer and maintain a configuration management system to keep all procedures and documentation up to date. Safety management, the

production and maintenance of an obsolescence management plan for the systems are also part of the companys responsibility.

To complement the comprehensive programme of training delivered after the initial sale of the systems in 2011, this new support contract furnishes the MOD with on-call training provision, requiring MineWolf trainers to deliver maintainer, operator and T3 operator courses to UK Army personnel as required. Similarly, MineWolf technicians will be on-call to work on the equipment in either the UK or Afghanistan whenever the need arises and the contract provides a mechanism for any other work the UK MOD requires.

The security and flexibility of support that this contract offers the customer, is one that would be equally suitable for other customers who wish to enhance their programme management to ensure their clearance assets are fully utilised. Such a contract ensures the deployment and life-cycle management of the machines is effectively managed by MineWolf Systems so that the customer can focus on the operational task at hand without concern, be it of a military, commercial or humanitarian nature.

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