• USAF study shows Global Hawk can carry U-2 sensors

    Key Points The USAF says it can integrate key U-2 sensors onto Global Hawk UAVs The Pentagon is planning to retire the manned aircraft if it can make the UAVs fully mission-capable The US Air Force (USAF) has determined that integration of key sensors from its manned Lockheed Martin U-2

  • Italy orders final two FREMM frigates

    The Italian Navy has ordered its final two Carlo Bergamini-class (Fregata Europea Multi-missione - FREMM) frigates, completing its acquisition programme for 10 vessels. The total value of the contract for the two vessels is EUR764 million (USD818 million), according to a press release from the

  • Sweden trims 2015 defence budget

    The Swedish government has proposed a SEK1.6 billion (USD182 million) reduction in defence spending in 2015, according to budget documentation released on 15 April. The government's Spring Budget proposal plots defence expenditure at SEK46.87 billion in 2015, a decrease from the previously approved

  • US upgrades assessment of China's Type 094 SSBN fleet

    Key Points The commander of US PACOM has said China has three Type 094 (Jin-class) nuclear ballistic missile armed submarines in service and may have eight in service by 2020. The comments are an increase on previous US estimates of an end total of five Type 094s The US military has increased its

  • Action against illegal bunkering would be most likely indicator of renewed attacks on Niger Delta oil infrastructure

    Key Points The Niger Delta has lost its brief grip on the presidency and become the power base of the opposition after a comprehensive election defeat for Goodluck Jonathan and the People's Democratic Party. The Buhari government is likely to calculate that it cannot afford the security and

  • Air Power Association gets first civilian chair

    The Air Power Association (APA), a UK group founded in 1947 and focused on public relations and the Royal Air Force, has selected Mark Roberts as chair of its executive committee, Roberts' firm announced in a press release on 17 April. The APA, composed of RAF and industry public relations

  • Amnesty International reports on

    IN A REPORT released on 9 April, Amnesty International reported that it had evidence of execution-style killings of soldiers by pro-Russia separatist militants in eastern Ukraine, RFE/RL reported. The report stated that it had videos purportedly showing soldiers in captivity alive and then dead with

  • Analysis: Japan taking small steps in international markets

    One year since Japan's groundbreaking decision to ease its long-standing ban on military exports domestic companies' penetration in international markets remains limited, although there have been small steps towards integration and overseas sales. Japan regards its move in April 2014 to relax the

  • Canada's new security measures will establish better information sharing but unlikely to lower threat posed by lone actors

    EVENT On 5 April, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) released a memorandum stating that it had established an international forum to share information pertinent to terrorist travel abroad. The measure accompanies the federal government's C-51 anti-terrorism legislation,

  • China's first runway in Spratlys under construction

    Key Points Satellite imagery shows that China has begun building a runway on reclaimed parts of Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands The imagery, provided by Airbus Defence and Space, also shows China building islands on Subi Reef that if linked up would provide enough land for another airstrip

  • Detection and dismantling of pro-Islamic State cells in Morocco highlight increasing jihadist activities, raising terrorism risk

    Key Points The arrests come after another pro-Islamic State militant cell in Salwane, near the north-eastern city of Nador, was dismantled on 13 April as part of a series of raids that have targeted suspected Islamic State supporters in major cities in the last few months. Morocco has to date

  • F-35 maintenance diagnostic system needs software fix

    Key Points ALIS is experiencing high "false positive" rates Software upgrades will have to be introduced to fix the problems over time The automated maintenance system under development for the Pentagon's Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter is still experiencing high

  • Honeywell releases Q1 earnings

    US contractor Honeywell released its first quarter earnings on 17 April, with sales slumping 5% overall for the whole company and 6% in its aerospace division. Honeywell's two other divisions also saw declines, but the aerospace group had the largest year-on-year fall, from USD3.9 billion in the

  • IDF expands elite combat engineering unit to tackle tunnel threat

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is in the process of enlarging an elite combat engineering unit so that it is better-prepared to counter the threat of tunnels constructed by militant groups in the Gaza Strip. The Engineering Unit for Special Missions, which is known by its Hebrew acronym YAHALOM,

  • IED attack kills civilian in Iraq's Baghdad

    A CIVILIAN was killed and seven others were wounded when an improvised explosive device (IED), emplaced by unidentified militants, detonated near a cafe in the Jesr Diyala neighbourhood of Iraq's capital Baghdad on 15 April, Al-Mada reported. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the

  • IED attack kills two military cadets in Egypt's Kafr el-Sheikh

    TWO military cadets were killed and six people were wounded when an improvised explosive device (IED), emplaced by unidentified militants, detonated outside a football stadium in the city of Kafr el-Sheikh in Egypt's Kafr el-Sheikh governorate on 15 April, Al-Jazeera reported. No group immediately

  • India to halve size of new mountain corps

    Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on 15 April that a financial crunch was forcing him to halve to 35,000 soldiers the strength of the Indian Army's new 17 Mountain Strike Corps. Parrikar told The Hindustan Times that he was also freezing the corps' formation budget at INR380 billion

  • Indonesian Air Force grounds F-16 fleet after Jakarta airport fire

    The Indonesian Air Force (Tentera Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Udara, or TNI-AU) has temporarily grounded its fleet of F-16C and F-16D combat aircraft pending investigations into a fire that claimed one airframe on 16 April. TNI-AU chief Air Chief Marshal Agus Supriyatna told reporters that the

  • Insurgent alliance - Fighting in northern Myanmar spikes amid crumbling ceasefire negotiations

    Key Points Several ethnic insurgent groups launched a well-co-ordinated offensive against the military in Myanmar's Shan State on 9 February, killing 47 soldiers over the following three days. The fighting came as yet another deadline for the signing of a nationwide ceasefire agreement between the

  • Iranian S-300 sale to go ahead

    Key Points Russia has announced Iran will get S-300 systems as a reward for as yet un-finalised deal on its nuclear programme It is unclear if Iran will get the P or V series S-300 Russia and Iran have agreed a new deal under which the latter will receive an unspecified variant of the S-300