• Infocom develops new armed UGV

    Kiev-based Infocom has revealed to Jane’s details of Laska, its new unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). Developed through a company-funded project, the system is designed to support tactical level operations on the battlefield. Sergey Rumyantsev, project manager and UGV team lead at Infocom, told

  • Logos tests ultra-lightweight WAMI pod on Group 3 UAV

    Logos Technologies has flown a podded version of its Redkite wide area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor aboard a US Navy RQ-23 TigerShark unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The demonstration represents the first-time the Redkite pod has been operated on a UAV. The NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corporation

  • Croatia issues RfP for multirole fighter aircraft

    On 20 July, Croatia finally issued a request for proposals (RfP) for the acquisition of up to 12 modern multirole fighter aircraft. The Croatian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the RfP was sent to five countries: Greece, Israel and the US for the F-16; South Korea for the FA-50; and Sweden for the

  • India issues RfI for six conventionally powered submarines

    The Indian Navy (IN) has sent a request for information (RfI) to selected overseas manufacturers asking for details about locally building six diesel-electric submarines under the long-delayed Project 75 India (P-75I) programme, which is worth over INR500billion (USD7.8 billion). Official sources

  • Russia looks to give Kazakhstan MiG-35 workshare

    Russia’s MiG has signed an agreement with Kazakh firm Kazakhstan Engineering to help promote the MiG-35 ‘Fulcrum-F’ to the Kazakh government, alongside a number of potential workshare and offset agreements. The agreements were signed at the 2017 MAKS Air Show in Russia on 19 July

  • South Korea urges Pyongyang to respond to military dialogue proposal

    South Korea has urged the government in Pyongyang to promptly respond to its offer of inter-Korean military talks, emphasising that they are key to easing regional tensions. “Relieving military tensions between the two Koreas and restoring dialogue channels in the military are very urgent

  • US Navy begins search for next-generation submarine imaging mast

    Key Points The Tactically Oriented Technology Insertion Imaging Mast (TOTIM) will equip Virginia-class SSNs and Columbia-class SSBNs NAVSEA has solicited for a TOTIM first article unit and production of up to 47 follow-on systems The US Navy (USN) has launched a competition for a next-generation

  • USN conducts first Tomahawk missile launch from the VPT

    Key Points The test examined the impact of a launch on submarine systems By adding the VPT a Block III-class sub will increase its missile capacity The US Navy (USN) has demonstrated the ability to carry and launch Tomahawk cruise missiles from a Block III Virginia-class submarine fitted with the

  • BAE Systems to develop ability to find quiet subs

    Key Points DARPA seeks new technology to detect subs at long distances DARPA requested USD25.39 million in FY 2018 for MOCCA The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded BAE Systems a USD4.6 million contract for its Mobile Offboard Clandestine Communications and Approach

  • Brazilian Navy to receive four KC-2 COD/AAR aircraft in 2021

    The Brazilian Navy is to receive all of its four KC-2 carrier-on-board delivery/air-to-air refuelling (COD/AAR) aircraft in 2021, the service told Jane’s . Deliveries for that year are to run in April and July, with the final two aircraft being delivered in October, it added. The first flight

  • China commissions sixth Type 052D-class destroyer into East Sea fleet

    Key Points China has commissioned its sixth Type 052D destroyer, according an official statement Platform will bolster Beijing’s anti-access capabilities in the East China Sea China commissioned its sixth Type 052D destroyer on 17 July, according to a statement posted on the Xiamen

  • Court judgment favouring Kenya's election process indicates delay unlikely, but opposition's questioning of legality motivates violent protests

    Kenya's Court of Appeal yesterday (20 July) rejected two petitions blocking the procurement of an electronic election management system and printing of presidential ballot papers. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had cautioned that unfavourable judgments would cause a

  • DoD seeks further MD 530F helos for allies

    The US Department of Defense (DoD) is looking to acquire up to 120 additional MD Helicopters Inc (MDHI) MD 530F Cayuse Warrior light attack and reconnaissance rotorcraft for allied operators, it was disclosed on the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) website on 20 July. The US Army’s

  • Leonardo to develop vehicle-mounted C-UAS for US Army

    The US Army has awarded Leonardo DRS a USD16 million contract to develop a vehicle-mounted counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) capability as an urgent operational need. Under the terms of the contract, Leonardo’s DRS Land Systems division in conjunction with Moog Defense and Space will

  • Pentagon budget 2018: House, Senate appropriators far apart on defence topline

    The Senate Appropriations Committee has allocated initial defence topline funding that is much lower than its House counterpart, with the Senate recommending USD595.2 billion versus the House’s USD658.1 billion. For its preliminary budget draft, Senate appropriators will consider USD513.1

  • Pentagon pegs next-gen strategic missile submarine cost at USD127 billion

    The Pentagon estimates its Columbia-class submarine programme, to replace ageing Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs), will cost USD127.036 billion. In its latest Selected Acquisition Reports the Department of Defense said Colombia-class programme costs decreased by USD1.202 billion from

  • Poland seeks 120 mm APFSDS tank ammunition

    The Polish Armament Inspectorate has announced a technical dialogue (request for information) for 120 mm x 570 armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot (APFSDS) tank ammunition. Poland seeks to acquire combat rounds as well as cut-away, drill and training cartridges. The new ammunition is for

  • Release of IMF loan recognises Egyptian reform efforts, but unlikely to improve business environment while increasing protest risks

    Key Points IMF loan conditions require a prolonged period of Egyptian subsidy reform that is likely to prolong inflation, disproportionately affecting Egypt's poorest citizens. Egyptian companies will be less competitive domestically compared to military-owned or operated enterprises. Increasing

  • SSM opens tender for construction of Altay tank

    On 19 July, the Undersecretariat for Defence (SSM) in Turkey opened the tender for the construction of the Altay main battle tank. Local media reports that the three companies expected to compete are BMC, FNSS and Otokar, none of whom have experience in tank construction, although FNSS developed the

  • Tracking illicit trade networks in Asia

    Key Points State-sponsored or state-owned companies that are engaged in illicit proliferation and procurement are likely to use networks of smaller, less prominent companies in their activities. A case study involving the sale of potentially proliferation-relevant products from a Chinese company