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SOFEX 2022: JODDB unveils Al-Tareq mobile mortar system

JODDB unveiled the Al-Tareq mobile mortar system at the SOFEX 2022 show. (Janes/Jeremy Binnie)

The Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB) displayed a prototype of its mobile Al-Tareq rapidly deployable 81 mm mortar system at the SOFEX 2022 show, being held in Aqaba from 1 to 3 November.

The system was displayed on a Toyota Land Cruiser fitted with a hydraulic system at the back of its bed that lowers the mortar into a firing position in two minutes, Engineer Abdelrahman al-Rowwad, the project manager, told Janes.

The Al-Tareq has a fire-control system that automatically lays the barrel on to target co-ordinates, given the number of charges selected by the operator. The co-ordinates are entered either as numerals using a keyboard or designated using a stylus on a touchscreen map of the surrounding area. It takes 15 seconds to adjust the barrel when the parameters are changed, and the system can engage targets within a 20° arc from the rear of the vehicle, according to Eng Abdelrahman.

Eng Abdelrahman said the entire mortar system weighs 1,000 kg with the 76 rounds of ammunition that it can carry.

He said the Al-Tareq has been developed for a specific Jordanian Armed Forces requirement. The plan is to replace the M113-based tracked mortar carriers that are in service with the 60th Prince Hassan bin Talal Armoured Brigade, giving it a far more agile indirect fire-support capability, he added.

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