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Singapore Airshow 2024: ST Engineering debuts Ultimax 100 Mk 9 light machine gun

A display of the Ultimax 100 Mk 9, the latest variant of ST Engineering's Ultimax 100 light machine gun, at Singapore Airshow 2024. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Singapore state-affiliated defence company ST Engineering has unveiled the latest variant of its Ultimax 100 5.56 mm gas-operated light machine gun.

The product, known as the Ultimax 100 Mk 9, is on display to the public for the first time at the Singapore Airshow 2024 defence exhibition, taking place at the Changi Exhibition Centre from 20 to 25 February.

A new feature found on the Mk 9 is its dual-feed capability. The weapon can accept 5.56 mm rounds from both NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG)-compliant 30-round box and 100-round drum magazines, as well as ammunition belts.

“The Ultimax Mk 9 has an accuracy rate that is comparable to standard assault rifles, despite being able to dispense rounds at a higher firing rate,” said an ST Engineering representative who spoke to Janes at the Singapore Airshow 2024.

“In addition to this, the Ultimax Mk 9 has one of the lowest recoils in the market when compared to light machine guns with a similar calibre,” the representative added.

The Ultimax Mk 9 has a weight of approximately 6 kg and a barrel length of 457 mm. It has a rifling twist rate of 1 in 178 mm (1 in 7 inch), and the weapon has a total length of 950–1,030 mm depending on the butt-stock opted for.

Besides the Singapore Armed Forces, older variants of the Ultimax 100 are also in use with the Chilean Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia.

For more information on the Ultimax 100, please see ST Kinetics Ultimax 100 5.56 mm light machine gun .

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