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Sweden exercises option for third GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft

Sweden has added a third Saab S 106 GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft to the two previously ordered. All three should be in service by 2029. (Saab)

Sweden is to add to its order of two Saab S 106 GlobalEye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft, with a third being ordered on 27 June.

Saab and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (Försvarets materielverk: FMV) have signed a contract for one of the two GlobalEyes that were options to the original order from June 2022, valuing the deal at approximately SEK2.6 billion (USD250 million). With the Swedish Air Force (SwAF) saying the first two aircraft will now be delivered “sooner than the original delivery date” of 2027, this is due to be handed over in 2029.

Taking up the option of this third aircraft is related to Sweden's announcement in May that it is to donate one of the SwAF's two Saab ASC 890 AEW&C airframes to Ukraine, while accelerating the GlobalEye's entry into service.

In SwAF service, the GlobalEye will be based at Ärna (also known as Uppsala) Air Base.

Besides Sweden, the GlobalEye is on order (and in service) with the United Arab Emirates (the type's launch customer). Saab is also pursuing opportunities with Canada, France, NATO, Poland, and South Korea. The company is also promoting a pan-Nordic capability involving Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

For more information on the Saab GlobalEye, please seeSky sentinels: E-737 and GlobalEye target the AEW&C market .

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