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Magal Solutions enhances base protection with AI

A company graphic showing Magal Solutions' integrated military base solution, featuring sensor integration into the company's Fortis X C5I software solution. (Magal Solutions)

Magal Solutions is incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its military base protection solutions to enhance data fusion and analysis capabilities, the company has told Janes.

Part of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Magal's major focus for armed forces is an integrated military base solution. This combines sensors – such as short- and long-range cameras, infrared cameras, and radars – with the company's Fortis X Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, and Intelligence (C5I) software solution.

Arnon Bram, CEO at Magal Solutions, said the base protection concept is broken down into “five Ds”: demarcation, deter, detect, delay, and defeat. These goals are addressed through a layered solution. The first ‘zone' comprises cameras, anti-drone systems, and advanced perimeter sensors. The second focuses on gate management, facial recognition, biometrics, and other technologies aimed at identification.

The Fortis X system is applied to integrate the wider picture and conduct data fusion and analysis, communicating with customer assets such as mobile devices, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), patrol vehicles, among others.

Bram described AI and machine learning (ML) as a “revolution” for perimeter defence and military base security overall. He said Magal is incorporating such capabilities into sensors and into the Fortis X software, “to make data more accessible and more accurate”, while ensuring it is communicated to the right people.

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