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Defense & Security 2023: Thailand takes delivery of KGGB kits

The Royal Thai Air Force has recently completed an exercise using its newly inducted Korean GPS-Guided Bomb (KGGB), a model of which is pictured above at the Defense & Security 2023 exhibition in Bangkok. (Janes/Jon Grevatt)

The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) has taken delivery of an initial batch of Korean GPS-Guided Bomb (KGGB) kits, an official from manufacturer LIG Nex1 told Janes at the Defense & Security exhibition in Bangkok on 6 November.

The official also confirmed that the RTAF has held its first exercise using the KGGB. In this trial, the KGGB was deployed from an RTAF Lockheed Martin F-16B at drills at an undisclosed location within Thailand.

Janes understands that the RTAF is installing the kit on RWM Mk 82 general-purpose bombs, which are produced locally by the RTAF Ordnance Department at its factory in northern Bangkok.

While confirming recent delivery of an initial batch of KGGB units, the LIG Nex1 official did not disclose details. However, Janes understands that the RTAF has ordered 20 KGGB kits over two batches of 10 in June and November 2022. RTAF procurement records indicate that those two contracts were worth a combined THB102 million (USD2.8 million).

These KGGB kits are being fitted to both the F-16s and the RTAF's T-50TH Golden Eagle lead-in fighter trainer aircraft/light attack aircraft built by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI). The RTAF ordered 14 T-50THs and deliveries started in 2018.

Subsequent phases of the programme could feature supplies of KGGB kits for integration onto additional F-16s and the RTAF's F-5 fighter aircraft. The RTAF operates about 50 F-16A/B aircraft and 11 F-5THs. Both types are ageing but have undergone upgrades in recent years.

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