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Paris Air Show 2023: German Air Force to receive new air-defence radar

Leonardo RAT 31DL/M radar will be delivered to the German Air Force to supplement its air-defence capabilities. (Janes/Patrick Allen )

Leonardo will deliver a new tactical RAT 31DL/M long-range deployable air-defence radar (DADR) to the German Air Force following an agreement with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), the company announced at the Paris Air Show 2023 held between 19 and 25 June.

This will be the third system delivered by the company to the German Air Force since 2007.

The two radars currently in service will receive a mid-life upgrade as part of this contract. In addition, the company will offer logistical studies, training, and operational production support.

Leonardo was unable to respond to Janes at the time of publication.

RAT 31DL/M is an L-band (NATO D-band; 1–2 GHz) long-range, transportable, 3D air-defence radar specifically designed to support NATO peacekeeping forces in the field. It has a range of up to 400 km and can be quickly deployed (under 120 minutes) as a front-line battlefield system to survey and protect territory and assets from all airborne threats.

The radar is intended as a trailer-mounted system that fits on two 6.1 m (20 ft) ISO-compliant containers that can be mounted on commercial cross-country trucks. A single Airbus A400M transport aircraft or Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter can airlift the system, and if required, the radar can be integrated into a cluster of netted RAT DL/S/SL radars.

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