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JODDB demonstrates multicopter UAV for Jordan's king

King Abdullah II (left) inspects JODDB's unmanned multicopter. (Royal Hashemite Court)

The Jordan Design and Development Bureau (JODDB) demonstrated its new multicopter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to King Abdullah II on 6 December.

The Royal Hashemite Court (RHC) said the demonstration was part of ongoing field trials of JODDB products in the Al-Ghabawi area of Al-Zarqa province and was also attended by Jordanian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Yousef Ahmed al-Huneiti.

It released a photograph of the multicopter that JODDB unveiled during the Artificial Intelligence Defense Technology and Cyber Security Exhibition and Conference (AIDTSEC) held in Jordan in October. It was displayed with three interchangeable payloads: an RPG-26 rocket launcher, a four-barrel 40 mm grenade launcher, and a grabber device that can be used to pick up and deliver objects or drop explosive devices.

JODDB also displayed a model of a fixed-wing UAV with four rotor blades for vertical take off and landing during AIDTSEC.

JODDB sources told Janes that the company has developed three types of military UAVs that it expects to be adopted by the JAF and exported.

Another product seen in the photographs released by the RHC appeared to show a mobile electronic jamming system, possibly for use against UAVs. A JODDB source told Janes that the company is working on these types of systems.

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