• AVIC’s AV500W VTOL UAV takes part in PLA exercise

    The Aviation Industry Corporation of China’s (AVIC’s) AV500W vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been used in a military exercise with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), according to a 21 September report by the PLA-sponsored China Military

  • GDMS-UK showcases Hotspot technology demonstrator

    General Dynamics Mission Systems-UK (GDMS-UK) presented its Hawk vehicle, a concept demonstrator of the company’s proposal for the United Kingdom’s Hotspot requirement, at the DVD2018 exhibition held at the UK Millbrook Proving Ground in September. The Hawk is based on the United

  • Mexican military shows off new equipment

    The Mexican armed forces presented new weapons and vehicles during the country’s Independence Day parade, held in Mexico City on 16 September. The event saw 18,420 military and federal police personnel parade in front of President Enrique Pe?a Nieto, together with an air display featuring 177

  • Tokyo to delay deployment of Osprey tiltrotors amid local opposition

    Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has decided to delay the deployment of the first five of 17 Bell-Boeing MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft it has ordered from the United States amid fierce local opposition. “The date of the shipment has yet to be decided as we are negotiating with Saga

  • Update: AFA 2018: US Air Force plans Section 804 authorities for light attack aircraft procurement

    Key Points The USAF plans to use new Section 804 authorities to accelerate LAA procurement This will enable the air force to field this aircraft faster than under traditional acquisition rules The US Air Force (USAF) plans to use Section 804 acquisition authorities to accelerate light attack

  • AFA 2018: US Air Force plans Section 804 authorities for light attack aircraft procurement

    Key Points The US Air Force plans to use new Section 804 authorities to accelerate light attack aircraft procurement This will allow the air force to field this aircraft faster than under traditional acquisition rules The US Air Force (USAF) plans to use Section 804 acquisition authorities to

  • Budget expert sees conflict between US Air Force squadron growth, modernisation ‘bow wave’

    Key Points A budget expert sees upcoming conflict with the US Air Force’s squadron growth and a spike in modernisation The service will have to make some hard choices on platforms by 2025–30 A respected budget expert sees future conflict between the US Air Force’s (USAF’s)

  • UK MoD prepares for Exercise ‘Information Warrior 2019’

    The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed details regarding next year’s Exercise ‘Information Warrior’ (IW), which aims to support growth of information operations across the services. Addressing an IW Industry Day at QinetiQ’s Portsdown Technology Park facility on 18

  • Russia restarts naval exercises off Syria

    Russian naval forces have launched a new series of exercises across the eastern Mediterranean in a move that could limit the ability of Israeli aircraft to strike at targets in Syria. The Russian military issued a notice to airmen (NOTAMs) on 18 September closing off nine exercise areas of airspace

  • Czechs and Slovaks to pursue joint procurement

    The prime ministers of the Czech Republic and Slovakia announced plans for their respective countries to co-operate more closely on defence procurement after a meeting in Kosice, eastern Slovakia, on 17 September. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis and his Slovak counterpart, Peter Pellegrini,

  • DVD 2018: Lockheed Martin UK says Warrior programme is on track

    Lockheed Martin UK’s (LMUK’s) new director for the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) said at the DVD 2018 defence exhibition that the WCSP was proceeding as planned and that the vehicles had entered trials. Lee Fellows, who became WCSP director three weeks ago, told

  • AFA 2018: USAF to begin testing Space Fence by end of 2018

    Lockheed Martin has completed construction of its Space Fence radar on Kwajalein Island in the Marshall Islands and has been tracking space objects using the full-up radar as the company prepares to hand over testing to the US Air Force (USAF) later in 2018. Space Fence, designed to track space

  • Violence flares on Gaza border

    The Israeli Air Force launched an airstrike in the Gaza Strip on 17 September after it said it identified an armed cell approaching the Israeli border and planting an explosive device. Palestinian medical sources said two Gazans were killed in the attack. The incident is part of a wider escalation

  • North Korea willing to ‘permanently dismantle’ Yongbyon nuclear site

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has expressed his willingness to continue to take measures towards his country's denuclearisation, including the permanent dismantlement of the Yongbyon nuclear facilities, where a 5 MWe plutonium-producing reactor is located. The move was announced on 19

  • China, Pakistan look to strengthen bilateral military ties

    China and Pakistan have expressed their intention to strengthen bilateral military ties. “The two countries' militaries should further deepen exchanges and co-operation in various fields and at all levels, take resolute measures against terrorist forces, make efforts to ensure the

  • German exports to Middle East countries revealed

    The German government has authorised the sale of counter-battery radars to Saudi Arabia, air defence systems to Egypt, long-range air-to-air missiles to Qatar, and anti-tank weapons to Jordan, the German newspaper Rheinische Post reported on 19 September. Citing a letter sent from the federal

  • Iran establishes new S-300 site

    Iran has built a new launch site for an S-300PMU-2 strategic surface-to-air missile (SAM) system at Mashhad airport in the northeast of the country, satellite imagery has revealed. Constructed between May and July, the site is almost identical to the S-300PMU-2 base at Tehran’s Mehrabad

  • Peruvian Army acquires vehicles, assigns helicopters to air wing

    The Peruvian Army (Ejército del Perú: EP) has received new vehicles for its units in Lima and Iquitos, while its V Division, headquartered in the latter city, has received helicopters for its newly created air wing. On 12 September V Division also received six troop-carrying trucks,

  • DIA wants MARS IOC within three years

    The head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) wants to build its proposed Machine-Assisted Analysis Rapid-Repository System (MARS) during his tenure at the agency. Lieutenant General Robert Ashley, DIA director, said he wants to reach initial operational capability (IOC) within three years

  • US security assistance has had little impact in Africa, says RAND

    US Security Sector Assistance (SSA) appears to have had little or no net impact on political violence in Africa since the end of the Cold War, according to two studies carried by the RAND Corporation on behalf of the US Office of the Secretary of Defense and the US military’s Africa Command

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