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Janes | Global military and defence capability analysis
23 Mar 2020
Janes | Global military and defence capability intelligence - Unrivalled analysis of defence and security forces ranged around the world
Covid-19: Kazakh military ramps up efforts to stem spread of coronavirus
by Dmitry Fediushko 10 Jun 2020
Kazakhstan is ramping up the involvement of its military in the fight against the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the Central Asian country.
Germany stands up first homeland defence regiment
by Nicholas Fiorenza 05 May 2022
Germany stood up its first Heimatschutzregiment (homeland defence regiment) on 30 April, the Steitkräftebasis, the Bundeswehr‘s support command, announced the same day....
Germany improves territorial and alliance defence
by Nicholas Fiorenza 13 Jul 2022
The Bundeswehr is improving its territorial and alliance defence capabilities, according to a Ministry of Defence (MoD) interim status report published on 8 July. Among...
UK to launch new Space Command
by Gareth Jennings 19 Nov 2020
The United Kingdom is to set up a Space Command, with operations set to begin in 2021.
NATO and EU must co-operate on military mobility ‘at highest levels', report says
by Brooks Tigner 05 Mar 2021
NATO and the EU should now engage “at the highest levels” to push forward military mobility (MM) in Europe to deter threats, the Center for European Policy Analysis...
Covid-19: UK mobilises reserves to assist civilian agencies
by Tim Ripley 10 Jun 2020
A drive to mobilise up to 3,000 reserve personnel to help assist civilian agencies with the Covid-19 pandemic has been approved by UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace.
New study slams Europe's militaries for poor data and effort to cut CO2 emissions
by Brooks Tigner 02 Mar 2021
The EU’s militaries produce an annual carbon footprint equivalent to 24.8 million tonnes of CO2, that of 14 million cars, a new study by environmental scientists and...
Covid-19: Decontamination operations across the world.
by Caron Natasha Tauro 10 Jun 2020
Decontamination is the process of making any person, object, or area safe by neutralising, or removing chemical or biological agents on or around it. These operations...
Germany introduces voluntary military service
by Nicholas Fiorenza 28 Jul 2020
German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on 23 July introduced voluntary military service in the Bundeswehr. The German Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on its...
UK urged to shake up reserve forces roles
by Tim Ripley 17 May 2021
UK military reserve forces need to be restructured to increase their integration with the county’s regular forces and defence, according to a review commissioned by...
UK stands-up Space Command
by Gareth Jennings 01 Apr 2021
The United Kingdom has stood up its new Space Command, with operations being formally launched on 1 April.
Estonia approves MoD development plan for 2021–24
by Nicholas Fiorenza 10 Jun 2020
Estonian Defence Minister Jüri Luik has approved a new Ministry of Defence (MoD) development plan for 2021–24, his ministry announced on its website on 19 February. The...
Bosnian Serb leader sets conditions for not creating Republika Srpska armed forces
by Igor Bozinovski 20 Dec 2021
Republika Srpska (RS), the Serb-dominated part of Bosnia-Herzegovina, will not create its own armed forces if a military structure is established in Bosnia with all...
UK launches National Space Strategy
by Gareth Jennings 27 Sep 2021
The United Kingdom launched its long-awaited National Space Strategy on 27 September.
Argentina progresses aircraft procurement and upgrades
by Santiago Rivas 10 Jun 2020
The Argentine Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Argentina: FAA) is progressing some of its chief procurement and upgrade programmes, despite both the Covid-19 and economic crises...
France ramps up space capabilities
by Emmanuel Huberdeau 10 Sep 2020
France has progressed its ambitious programme to ramp up national space capabilities, with the country’s ‘Le Commandement de l’Espace’ (CDE) space command now deemed to...
Chile advances reforms to military service and funding
by Jose Higuera 10 Jun 2020
UK officially launches Space Command
by Gareth Jennings 06 Aug 2021
The UK officially launched its new Space Command on 30 July, four months after the organisation was formally stood-up on 1 April.
Global MRTT users seek to ease certification of US-built receiver aircraft
by Gareth Jennings 01 Dec 2020
The global customer base for the Airbus A330-200 MultiRole Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft is to come together to ease the certification requirements for US receiver...
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