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US Army seeks 6.8 mm conversion kits for the M240

Shown here is an M240L 7.62 machine gun. The US Army is currently seeking industry input on 6.8 mm calibre conversion kits for its M240B and M240L weapons. ( Janes/Patrick Allen)

The US Army is seeking industry feedback on 6.8 mm calibre conversion kits for its M240B and M240L general purpose machine guns, according to a 15 March market survey.

Conversion kits should include a new barrel assembly and possibly other mechanical changes to the weapon including the gas regulator and drive spring to ensure reliable function with the new calibre, according to the notice. Barrel lengths can be provided as either the standard length M240B barrel (550 mm), or the shorter M240L profile (450 mm).

Industry has until the end of the month to respond to the army and is asked to provide information about the lead times to produce and deliver up to 10 kits and a maximum of 15,000 rounds of ammunition for evaluation.

β€œIt is preferable that all items be available within two to three months of request,” the army wrote but noted that this is not a request for proposal.

The M240 series are licence-produced versions of the Belgiandesigned FN MAG 58 general purpose machine guns, chambered for the 7.62Γ—51 mm NATO cartridge. The weapon was introduced in the late 1970s as a co-axial machine gun and gradually replaced the M60 in US military service. The M240B is the army's infantry variant of the weapon, with the M240L being an improved and lightened version of the B model.

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