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US Army official: Pentagon needs emergency supplemental funding to reach 155 mm goal

President Joe Biden's administration wants to fund expansion of the 155 mm shell production with an emergency supplemental funding request for fiscal year 2024. (US Army)

The US goal to produce 100,000 rounds of 155 mm ammunition per month by calendar year 2025 cannot be met if lawmakers do not pass the fiscal year (FY) 2024 emergency supplemental funding, US Army assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics, and technology Doug Bush said on 7 November.

The legislation – proposed by President Joe Biden's administration – contains USD3.1 billion to procure 155 mm ammunition and to modernise the facilities that would support their production to replenish US stocks and to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with additional assistance, said Bush. The emergency supplemental spending comes as the Pentagon announced the last assistance package for Ukraine that used up the remaining funding for security assistance on 3 November.

Of the USD3.1 billion, approximately USD1.48 billion is earmarked for production ramp-up efforts, while the army plans to spend roughly USD1.63 billion on acquiring the charges and rounds, Bush said during a press conference. About USD850 million will procure projectiles while USD700 million will buy two million charges for the shells, he said.

The army is confident in its ability to reach its 155 mm goals, but if lawmakers do not pass all of the funding included in the bill, the US will fall short, according to the army. β€œWe won't get to it,” Bush said.

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