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Thales FZ275 LGR qualified with LGR4 Fletcher launcher

A Thales FZ275 70 mm/2.75 inch laser-guided rocket is fired from an Arnold Defense Land GR4 Fletcher launcher during qualification trials in Sweden in late 2021. (Arnold Defense)

The Arnold Defense Land-LGR4 Fletcher rocket launcher has been formally qualified to fire the Thales FZ275 70 mm/2.75 inch laser-guided rocket (LGR) following certification testing at a military facility in Sweden in late 2021.

In a statement released in early January, Arnold Defense noted: β€œThe combination of the Fletcher ground-based launcher and the FZ275 LGR [lightest and longest range 70 mm/2.75 inch LGR in its class], delivers precision-guided accuracy against fixed and mobile targets, with minimal collateral damage, to dismounted rapid-reaction forces. This type of capability has typically been limited to aviation-mounted platforms.”

Purpose-built for land platforms, the LGR4 Fletcher is a lightweight four-cell LGR launcher designed to deliver single or ripple fire effects against static and moving ground targets at ranges between 1 and 8 km, with a stated effective precision-strike range of 6 km. Weighing 25.4 kg (unloaded), 1.9 m in length, and 20.3 cm in diameter, the LGR4 Fletcher can be mounted on tactical lightweight vehicles, remote weapon stations, non-standard tactical vehicles, and stationary platforms.

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