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Spain procures Spike LR2 ATGW systems

Spain is procuring 168 Spike LR2 ATGW systems. (Armasuisse )

Spain's Council of Ministers approved the signing of a EUR285 million (USD300 million) contract for 168 Spike LR2 long-range anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) systems, the Spanish government announced on its website on 3 October. They will replace obsolete systems and reduce life-cycle costs, the government said, adding that the procurement would allow interoperability of systems.

The Spanish Army has Spike LR, MILAN, and TOW ATGWs, according to Janes World Armies. Spike LR and LR2 are interoperable, able to be fired from the same launchers with software upgrades.

Spain signed a contract in January 2007 with Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems for 260 Spike LR launchers – 236 for the army and 24 for the marines – plus 2,600 missiles for the system – 2,360 for the army and 240 for the marines. The first Spike LR missiles built under licence in Spain were delivered in June 2009. Spain also purchased 200 Spike ER (extended range) missiles and 44 launchers in 2007 to equip its Tigre helicopters.

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