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SOFEX 2022: Jadara developing MANPADS

A poster of the Hunter MANPADS at the Jadara stand at SOFEX 2022. (Janes/Jeremy Binnie)

Jordan's Jadara Equipment & Defence Systems is developing its first manportable air defence system (MANPADS), it was revealed at the SOFEX 2022 show held in Aqaba from 1 to 3 November.

The Hunter (Al-Sayad in Arabic) was not displayed at the show, and a Jadara official told Janes it is still in development.

However, a brochure provided specifications, saying the missile is 1.5 m in length, has a calibre of 72 mm, and weighs 10.77 kg, bringing the total weight of the MANPADS to 16–17 kg. It can engage targets at ranges between 15 and 3,800 m and uses an infrared seeker.

The photographs used in the brochure and on a poster at the Jadara stand showed a launcher that looked very similar to the Chinese-made FN-6, which has a distinctive box around its muzzle that the battery is attached to, as well as a conical cap to cover the missile's seeker. The brochure image of the Hunter missile showed it has an unusual pyramidal seeker like the FN-6, although other promotional photographs at SOFEX showed a more conventional dome over the seeker.

The specifications provided by Jadara for the Hunter are also very similar to those of the FN-6.

The Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) currently uses the missiles from Russian Igla MANPADS with launchers that are mounted on Toyota Land Cruisers. While these look similar to a Russian system, Jordan Manufacturing and Service Solutions (JMSS) lists these launchers as its products.

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