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Roketsan's new IHA-122 variants test-fired from Akinci UAV

A still from a video released by Baykar shows the TV- and laser-guided İHA-122 air-to-surface missiles that were loaded on an Akinci for the test. (Baykar Technologies)

The Turkish company Roketsan has developed versions of its İHA-122 supersonic air-to-surface missile with new guidance systems, it was revealed on 3 June, when the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer Baykar Technologies announced that the weapons had been test-launched from its Bayraktar Akıncı UAV.

Baykar released a video showing an Akıncı being loaded with what it identified as TV- and laser-guided versions of the İHA-122 and then taking off at its test centre in Çorlu. The video showed a floating target being designated by a laser and then hit with the laser-guided İHA-122 at a location Baykar identified as Sinop on the Black Sea. The video also included footage filmed by the TV-guided version's seeker as it descended rapidly towards what appeared to be the same target.

Roketsan developed the İHA-122 from its 122 mm surface-to-surface missiles, which include the global navigation satellite services (GNSS)-guided TRG-122 and laser-guided TRLG-122, but not a TV-guided version. Baykar announced the first test launch of an İHA-122 from an Akinci in December 2023 but did not identify the type of guidance it used.

While Roketsan has not revealed the range of the İHA-122, Baykar said the target was 55 km away in the latest test, which compares with the TRG/TRLG-122's 30 km range with a 13.5 kg warhead.

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