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MSPO 2022: Hanwha targets Polish market with Chunmoo MRL

Hanwha is proposing its Chunmoo MRL (pictured here with two pods with six 239 mm missiles each) to Poland at MSPO 2022. (Doosan)

Hanwha proposed its Chunmoo multiple rocket launcher (MRL) to Poland at the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2022 being held in Kielce on 6–9 September. A Hanwha spokesperson told Janes at the exhibition on 6 September that the MRL could be delivered as early as 2023.

At MSPO, Hanwha is showing a model of the Chunmoo with two pods with six 239 mm missiles each, as well as presenting a 600 mm missile, a pod with one of each of which can be carried by a launch vehicle. The 239 mm missile has a range of 80 km, and the 600 mm missile has a range of 290 km, according to Hanwha.

Poland is procuring 20 High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARSs), which have a range of 70–300 km, under the US Foreign Military Sales programme, with deliveries expected to be completed by 2023.

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