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MBDA Akeron LP missile to arm Tiger Mk III attack helicopter

The Akeron LP (top in picture) long-range air-to-surface missile is to arm the upgraded Tiger Mk III attack helicopter, Airbus has said. (MBDA)

The MBDA Akeron LP missile has been selected to equip the Airbus Helicopter Tiger Mk III rotorcraft, the rotorcraft manufacturer announced on 8 June.

Commenting on the same day MBDA revealed its new Akeron family of missiles, a representative of Airbus Helicopters said that the long-range version of the missile will arm the upgraded Tiger Mk III rotorcraft for France and Spain (Germany is yet to decide on its participation in the project).

Described by MBDA as “a unique family of fifth-generation tactical combat missiles”, the Akeron series comprises MBDA's previously named Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank and its Missile Haut de Trame/Missile Longue Portée (MHT/MLP) long-range missile, now renamed Akeron MP and Akeron LP respectively.

“To respond to the wide range of threats they face, operators must be equipped with a versatile and precise capability enabling them to destroy fixed or mobile land targets – including the latest-generation tanks and light combat vehicles – but also neutralise dismounted adversaries or adversaries in hardened or defensive fighting positions. All whilst minimising the risk of collateral damage. Operators also need to be protected during engagements with simplicity of implementation, the capacity to ‘fire and forget' or engage a target while remaining hidden from sight,” MBDA said.

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